I am home for a few days before dashing off again. Sigh – travel for work is so not fun. I worked out I have spent 2 of the last 7 weeks at home. Not sure why I even bother to pay rent here.

I came home to a largely food-free zone so I had to make dinner from what was in the cupboard. And lurking there was a box of Arborio rice.

Risotto has always seemed like something real cooks, or grownups, can make. Seeing as I am neither I have never tried to make it. But we needed to eat and it was in the larder – so off I went.

I found a recipe for butternut risotto and used that as a starting point. The bf is a great fan of beetroot so I decided to include that too. He is also tired of meatless meals so some chorizo was included. So I made roasted beetroot and butternut risotto with chorizo.

I stared by chopping the beets and butternut and roasting them. Beetroot takes forever to roast so I nuked the bits first to par cook them. They then went into the oven with the butternut seasoned and oiled, and left to cook til caramelised.

When the veggies were almost cooked I chopped and sautéed an onion in olive oil with some garlic. I also put a pot of stock on to heat – the recipe called for less than half the liquid I used in the end –  so I don’t really know how much I used.

Into the frying onion went the chopped chorizo and the rice. Stirring continued until the rice was all coated in the olive oil and in went a good glass of white wine. As soon as that was cooked away I stared the stock – stir – stock process that is risotto. It took about half an hour or so.

When the rice was creamy and soft I served with grated parmesan and the roasted veggies.

The only problem with risotto is that it is so filling there is never space for seconds.

I shall be exploring risottos for sure – the perfect autumn meal (even if very hard to photograph).