This morning

Me 1: bleh, i don’t feel like walking today
Me 2: you always think that and always enjoy it
Me 1: i don’t have time. I have to meet Leaza
Me 2: pfffft, yes you do have time. how far you planning to walk? Cape Town?
Me 1: ‘whine’ but i also have to shower and wash my hair before leaving for the meeting

Me 2: it’s a friend, you can have wet hair. and since when do you not go out with wet hair

Me 1: but its hot!

Me 2: …..

Dogs: OMG my god, did she just pick up a shoe??  she did!! quick run to the door. are we walking? we are, aren’t we? OMG best. day. ever (they walk everyday btw) jump. grab her sock. run to the door. jump and twist. are we really walking? oh we are, we are.  quick. run in a circle. jump on her. bark. grab a shoe and drag her. WE ARE WALKING!!!!!!!!

Me 1 and Me 2: well i guess that’s decided