when trying not to eat all the food in the world, and be vaguely healthy in what i consume, i find the weekends so very hard.

the lack of structure, the spontaneity, the not being by myself and in control of my environment all contribute to making sticking to any kind of regime really difficult.

and i realised this weekend that part of the problem is that i just don’t drink enough water on weekends. during the week i have a pot of (once was) hot water with ginger and lemon on my desk at all times – and i drink it throughout the day, probably consuming at least 1,5 litres a day like this. i don’t even think about it, its just there so i drink it

on the weekends i am not at my desk and i still don’t think about it – only now i am not drinking it either

so i am underwatered which makes me think i am hungry, which means i want to eat all the food in the world

and i feel shitty on monday because, after two days of being underwatered i am probably dehydrated – i know i am fucken thirsty!

i will have to make a plan for next weekend – i can’t keep doing this