Last night a vegetarian friend came for dinner so Meatless Monday happened on Tuesday

I made tomato, pea and tofu curry – the recipe called for paneer but i didn’t have time to make it. I shall do though so that next time I have a stock in the freezer.

I have never cooked with tofu before and have only eaten it once. I thought it tasted like something that would happen if a condom and an egg were genetically spliced – rubbery and somewhat tasteless. But I decided to brave it in the name of environmental friendliness and all that hippy stuff.

I bought two packets of tofu from my local EverFresh. It seemed a nice texture but I wouldn’t know. It was certainly not dry and felt like what I would call silky. (I do watching cookery programmes so I know how to talk about tofu.:-) )

Anyway, I chopped the tofu into pieces and fried in batches until golden brown. I do know that tofu absorbs flavour so I used some of my home-made garlic and chilli oil for the frying. Not a lot, just enough to keep the tofu from sticking to the pan.

Once golden brown I put the tofu to one side.

I then threw half a dried red chilli (next time I will use a whole one), a whole jalapeño from my oil bottle, 50g of plain yoghurt (recipe asked for greek-style but i had low fat plan yoghurt and it worked fine – with fewer calories), a tin of tomatoes, a good squirt of tomato paste (15ml), a teaspoon of sugar, 2 tsp of garam masala, some salt and a crushed garlic clove (also from the oil bottle) into the food processor.

I whizzed these into a thick liquid and then put it into the pan I fried the tofu in.

I brought it to the boil and simmered it for a while – 3 minutes ish. Then I added 125ml of water and again simmered for 2 or 3 minutes. Then in went the tofu and frozen peas. I used about 150g of peas. That cooked for 5 minutes and voila – all was ready. The recipe calls for cream to then be stirred in and I guess it may have made the sauce creamier (duh) but I am not sure it is necessary considering the calories it adds.

I served it all with wild brown rice.

BF scored it 8/10

Vegetarian friend scored it 7/10

I thought about 6/10

so thats an average score of 7/10

All agreed it is a meal we’d eat again happily. But we all want to try it with paneer.

And the tofu was great – not rubbery, slightly spicy and so full of self-righteousness it wins as a protein

Recipe I modified came from Plum Magazine – Summer 2011. A great South African recipe magazine.