Barack Obama

popsugar #15

I really enjoyed this book. I am a fan of Obama and this book just consolidated that.
But he can go on – I can see why he is teased for waffling. Why say it in three words when you can use 12?
That being said, I experienced this book as an audio book and I would pick to listen to his 12 words over pretty much any one else’s 3 any day of the week.

I really liked how he, as he promised he would, pulled back the curtain a little on this very public job. I liked the processes he explained; I liked being able to see even a smidgen of how decisions were made.

I am not American and so my interest is one step further than many other reviewer’s may be but I am fascinated nevertheless.

And he and his family continue to be flawed but likeable – real people.

Loved it