this is the plan i made to use the left over piece of topside i had from the beef olives. the result is far from a meal of left overs

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bean curry

glorious, rich, fulfilling, cheap, delicious meatless monday recipe

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beef olives

This Thursday continuing with the 70/80s theme I made beef olives. I remember the idea of them from my childhood but I am not sure I have actually ever eaten them. I do know I had never made them before.

For how finicky they seem they are actually hellova easy to make. Read more



fish with fennel

Last night’s dinner was very 1970s and very nice. And really very easy. Perfect combination really.

I got a butterflied filleted yellowtail from PnP for about R50. It was enough to feed three of us using less than half – so its yellowtail salad for lunch for a while. Yay. Read more



chicken and broccoli bake

chickeny, bacony, cheesy goodness

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mushroom soup with sage

The bf makes soup on Sundays. I am trying hard to establish this as a set-in-stone tradition because it is just fabulous to not have to cook on a Sunday. And soup seems the perfect Sunday dinner. So I shall be encouraging him – a lot!

For Christmas I suggested a family member of mine buy him a soup recipe book (sneaky sneaky) and the result has been some really yummy Sunday night dinners. Now I am back home, I reinstated the new tradition with enthusiasm last night. And got mushroom soup with sage for my efforts. Read more…..



Hake and honey

So – I saw a recipe for fish (salmon) with honey and peppercorn paste. I thought it odd but decided that that was why it appealed to me. I am not a fan of sweet savoury food so this was a deviation from my usual food. Read more



Curried eggs

I like eggs but seldom remember to eat them. When I saw a recipe for curried eggs I thought I’d give it a bash.

To start I boiled 4 eggs until they were hard. I then peeled them and left them to cool. I made an error here and let them cool too slowly so the whites went a bit blue/grey. It didn’t damage the flavour but it looked less than perfect…………… Read more



Ostrich burgers

Really yummy burgers using minced ostrich, beef and kidney beans

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Stuffed aubergine

Last night’s dinner didn’t photo very well so you will have to live with a description only. I made stuffed aubergines. I am trying to make friends with aubergines, and it is a struggle. But this meal was actually okay – in fact even nice….

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Marinated beef

This was Friday’s meal but I went away for the weekend and that was way more fun than writing a random blog post

I decided I needed some red meat so I bought some minute steaks. I put the meat in a bowl with a sliced red onion, sliced garlic, sliced mushroom, coriander and herbs. Lemon juice and balsamic vinegar supplied the liquid for the marinade. I left the lot to bond in the fridge for a while….

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Hake ‘n salad

It was time for fish – without the loaves, obviously, them being carbs n’all……..

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Feta and pepperdew chicken

Chicken breasts stuffed with feta and pepperdew….

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Sardine bouillabaisse

When the recipe said bouillabaisse it really meant fish soup – if you are going to be proper about it and all. Cos I believe bouilla-what’s it requires three days, a French accent and a vineyard to make properly.

So I made fish soup…..

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Beer battered fish and mint pea puree

Last night was fish and chips and mushy peas. And was delicious!

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Tomato, pea and tofu curry

Last night a vegetarian friend came for dinner so Meatless Monday happened on Tuesday

I made tomato, pea and tofu curry – the recipe called for paneer but i didn’t have time to make it. I shall do though so that next time I have a stock in the freezer.

I have never cooked with tofu before and have only eaten it once. I thought it tasted like something that would happen if a condom and an egg were genetically spliced – rubbery and somewhat tasteless. But I decided to brave it in the name of environmental friendliness and all that hippy stuff.

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I have decided that i will select 4 new recipes from a single recipe publication to try every week

this week the publication is Plum Magazine

and the recipes are:

chicken breasts (i added these) and a polenta and mediterranean veggie stack

tomato, pea and paneer (or tofu) curry

Beer battered fish and chips

Sardine Bouillabaise

Will post as i cook them with recipes, photos and comments


pepper steak pie

moroccan lamb stew