by Eddie Izzard

#popsugarreadingchallenge prompt 2: By a trans/non-binary author
Oh my – I did not think it possible to love Eddie Izzard any more – I was wrong!
He is so funny and just marvelous. The audio book of this may be the best audio book I have every listened to (although Becoming is also a real winner). Izzard reads it himself and goes off script a lot. He also reads with the wonderful intonation, speed, aside and humour that only he can do (and that I was mimicking for days after finishing the book).
The contents of the book are fascinating and endearing – as a human being Izzard is an outstanding specimen. He has lived a life and continues to do so with such an integrity and sense of his own role and place in the world. He is wildly successful and probably stupid rich but still does real human things and is aware of others.
As a South African I also love that he came here and ran those 27 marathons. He didn’t throw money at the charity, or endorse the actions of others, or sit on a couch raising funds – the man ran 27 marathons in 27 days! And he’s not an athlete – he’s a showman. It astounds me the depth of his abilities.
As a comedian he is in my top 2 (I do like Michael McIntyre); as an author is a smart and funny and emotionally connected; and as a narrator of his own work he is brilliant.
Is my fangirl showing 😀
I don’t care – i think he is amazing and I loved this book