by Joyce Carol Oates

Creepy little collection of four weird and gripping stories. The characters gave me the shivers; each story was shudder-inducing in a different way.
A first wife with terrifying revelations for the younger 4th wife, a naive young girl ripe for the stalking, a frat boy so real I feel I have seen him on FB, and an angry lover avenging the abuse of his beloved.
Oates can certainly build a character that is completely believable and well rounded enough to be both understood and deeply disliked.

I would buy this book and reread these stories more than once.
I am certainly a JCO fan now.

#popsugarreading challenge prompt 13: same title as a movie but unrelated (Evil Eye 1975), 14: author with flora or fauna in name, prompt 27: Featuring one of the seven deadly sins (murder, greed, sloth).
I am using this book for prompt 13.